Welcome to POLE REVOLUTION Northern Tasmania's first and only pole fitness studio!

At Pole Revolution our focus is to encourage both men and women to have a go and try something that will not only give them a fantastic workout but also something that is a great confidence booster and a lot of fun!

Pole fitness is the ideal workout as women in particular are bored of the regular gym scene and they seek something that is fresh, fun and exciting to keep them motivated and interested.


Pole Revolution classes are suitable for everyone regardless of age, shape or size as we start with the basics and offer alternatives to suit the individual fitness level of each student. This means that you do not need to have upper body strength or any other prerequisite to start a class. Our classes are held in a casual, private and supportive environment and numbers are kept small to create a more personal atmosphere for students.

We understand that students may be worried about body image or they may be nervous and shy when considering joining a class but please be assured that it will not take you long to feel comfortable and relaxed in whichever class you chose to do.

Pole Fitness & Burlesque

Pole Revolution is not limited to just pole fitness either! Burlesque classes will be returning and we also run an amazing ‘non-pole’ class called Killer Abs, Butts & Thighs which tones and strengthens the lower body. This is the perfect class to compliment a regular pole class and it is also suitable for every level of fitness. You do not need to be a pole student to attend this class!


If you have a special occasion or celebration coming up then why not consider a POLE or BURLESQUE PARTY for a hens night, birthday party, work event or just a night out with your closest friends! It doesn't matter what the occasion is, any excuse will do!