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Welcome to POLE REVOLUTION – Northern Tasmania’s first and only pole fitness studio!

Everyone knows of the stigma attached to pole dancing and it was once considered to be another fitness “craze” that would eventually fade out.  But pole fitness is here to stay as it is becoming increasingly popular for both men and women as an innovative and enjoyable way to become fit.  

Pole fitness is the ideal workout as women in particular are tired of the regular gym scene and they seek something that is fresh, fun and exciting to keep them motivated and interested.

POLE REVOLUTION is not limited to just pole fitness either!  We also run BURLESQUE classes, which are energetic, lots of fun and a great giggle!  Many of us women lack self confidence and we are hard on ourselves when it comes to body image and perceived perfection.  Burlesque is a fantastic way to inspire and encourage women to embrace their femininity and love themselves exactly the way they are.

If you have a special occasion or celebration coming up then why not consider a pole or burlesque party for your hens night, birthday party, work event or just a night in with your closest friends!  It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, any excuse will do!