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Men are finally discovering that pole fitness is not just for women and that it can actually be a challenging and tough but fun workout! This is a class specifically tailored for men and we encourage all guys to give it a go regardless of your age, weight, strength or fitness level. Using your natural body weight on the pole you will quickly put on muscle, tone up, get fit and learn some amazing new skills that are in no way girly or feminine.

We remove all dance and sexiness and focus strictly on learning tricks and getting a hard core workout. You wont regret it we promise!

MENS POLE POWER classes run once a week for an hour over a 6 week term and the cost is $140. A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking and the remaining balance of $90 is to be paid no later than THREE DAYS before class begins. Unfortunately payment cannot be accepted after this and you may lose your place in the class.

Please keep in mind that all payments are non refundable/transferable.