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This class is aimed at those already doing pole but is also suitable for anyone who just wants a fun strength and flexibility workout without learning all the spins & tricks that you would learn in a regular pole class. (so in other words no pole experience is necessary to join this class)

The first half of the class is dedicated to building upper body, abs and leg strength with various exercises on the pole that are tailored to suit each individual level of strength and fitness. It is a fantastic addition to your pole training as it will compliment your regular pole class perfectly and improve your pole skills. 

The second half of this class will focus on stretching the shoulders, back and legs with our number one goal being the splits. Again, this will improve your pole skills considerably by giving you a better range of movement, allowing you to execute a lot more tricks and helping to prevent injuries.

STRENGTH & STRETCH classes run once a week for an hour over a 6 week term and the cost is $95. A $40 deposit is required at the time of booking and the remaining balance of $55 is to be paid no later than THREE DAYS before class begins. Unfortunately payment cannot be accepted after this and you may lose your place in the class. Please also keep in mind that all payments are non refundable/transferable :) ***students currently doing a regular pole tricks/spins class get a considerable discount of $30 for joining this class making it only $65 for a 6 week term - that's only just over $10 a class!!***