Do I need to be a certain shape, age, size, strength or fitness level to do a POLE REVOLUTION class?

Our classes are suitable for everyone as we start with the basics and work our way up. You will gain strength and fitness without even knowing it because you are having so much fun!

Do I need to have dance experience or be co-ordinated?

This is a common worry for new students and we assure you that you will be just fine as our classes are simple and easy to follow. No previous dance experience is required.

What do I need to bring to class?

We encourage students to wear shorts and a tshirt/tank top for pole classes as skin grip is often required. However, we do understand that new students may feel uncomfortable with shorts so an alternative is something a little longer that can be rolled up (like leggings or bike shorts).

We always go barefoot in pole class, however, good supportive shoes are recommended for the warm up as the floor is hardwood.

Normal gym gear that is comfortable and easy to move in is recommended for the KABT class and good supportive shoes are advised.

Bring plenty of water to your class along with a handtowel and please avoid lotions/moisturizers as they hinder your grip on the pole.

Please do not wear jewellery in order to prevent scratches on the pole as well as for your own safety.

Can I pole dance if I am pregnant?

Safety for you and your baby is our highest priority so pole dancing is not recommended while pregnant. You are best to wait until 3 months after baby is born to allow your body to heal and get back to normal.

Do I need to wear heels for pole class?

We do not wear heels in our classes.

Is there an age limit for classes?

We accept students aged 14 and up and parental consent is required for those under 17.

Can I watch a class to see if I like it?

Unfortunately we do not offer this in our studio due to respecting the comfort and privacy of current students.

Is the studio private?

Yes, all of our classes are in a very private environment and we keep our classes small to create a more personal and comfortable atmosphere.